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Your website may be up and running, but you need it to start working for you by generating enquiries and interest from your audience. According to recent figures, over 90% of web searches come from the major Search Engines. Every search produces thousands of results, yet most users don’t go beyond the first ten or so listings. If like so many, your website is like “a signpost in the desert” we can help! It has become quite clear that over the past few years companies have chosen to invest more heavily into online advertising than traditional media like newspapers, directories and TV and this is because of the better returns being achieved from Internet advertising. At Just Internet Solutions we always strive to deliver the best results based on your requirements and budgets.

The Internet world is always changing and we constantly keep our clients up to date with the latest developments in order to generate the most enquiries.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • 3 Billion searches a day tell us SEO isn’t dead.
  • SEO is alive and kicking, just simply moved on!

This is the science of driving valuable traffic to your website from the major search engines. Unlike some SEO companies, we stress right from the outset that this is not an overnight project and is completely dependent on the individual business type with delivery times generally being varied. With this process, we carry out detailed preparation work in order to ensure we are promoting the most relevant search terms and phrases to generate the most lucrative enquiries to your business. All of this work is carried out in house with our own SEO consultants and we will require some input from you as nobody quite understands your business like you do. Once the campaign is up and running we will be constantly reviewing it and tweaking it to generate the best quality enquiries for your business. We use all of the latest tools to ensure we drive as much valuable and relevant traffic to your website. We do all of this on a non contract basis which means we are only ever as good as last months results, giving you complete peace of mind that we are completely dedicated to delivering a “good job”. SEO is a moving feast and companies can no longer rest on their laurels thinking they have achieved their goal because that level of complacency could prove ill fated in the long run.

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“SEO is like acupuncture or homeopathy, it works even if you don’t know how or why”


of searches in the UK are made through the world’s number one search engine Google.


of users click on the first 3 results in Google.


of all mobile searches are conducted in search for local results


of those result in a purchase.

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