SEO & PPC Packages


PPC vs SEO – Ever wondered which one works better? Well, if done correctly they are both very effective marketing methods, but you may be undecided which one to utilise. Well, why not try both? Here at Just Internet Solutions we can offer a joint SEO & PPC package so you can get a taste for both.

PPC is a marketing method that works straight away, but it can be a costly long term solution for your business and it is not really an investment into your business website future, whereas SEO is more of a long term investment as you will be building up your online profile and adding content to your website. Both methods work equally as good and can be an effective strategy going forward with your online marketing plans, because we can start you off with a PPC package whilst we build up your SEO profile in the background.

SEO is a method that takes time and patience, so from the beginning we start you off with a 50-50 SEO and PPC package and gradually reduce your PPC spend over time, which we will transfer over to your SEO time. This will enable us to work solely on your business websites long term future by freeing up more time.