SEO is a complex way in which your site is seen on the internet. Professionals have an arsenal of tools and techniques which are implemented into making your site the best it can possibly be with the most chances that your site will be seen higher in the search engine results. It is not a question of whether or not your site needs SEO. Every site must have SEO if it is to survive online. With over 250 million active websites and more growing every day, SEO is crucial in establishing your business’s site from the masses.

SEO Agency

Businesses which have an online presence need to consider how they will approach their SEO needs. Where many companies have opted into trying to perform the SEO of their company themselves, this is not the best methodology for obtaining the best results. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a SEO Agency.

Number 1: Productivity considerations

SEO is time consuming, very time consuming. In fact, it is an never ending process. If your company is dedicated to having great SEO then you will need to have someone working on the SEO full time. Now, one individual cannot properly conduct the SEO of any SME and especially not any large company. There is just too much that goes into the optimization process. Companies would have to, therefore, allocate time away from projects and other necessities in order to perform the SEO or hire more members to their existing staff in order to perform the work. Productively speaking, in-house SEO is not a viable solution at all.

Number 2: A non-biased approach

Businesses which try to perform site SEO typically have a level of biasedness which seeps into the process. This can be in keeping elements which do not benefit the company or in performing habits which are note effective. Also, many businesses have outdated SEO practices and policies in place.

An SEO agency approaches your business site with a clear and clean slate. They are able to analyze the key issues with the SEO and what methods will best help your SEO needs. Where a good SEO company will help you to engage in the process, it will also alleviate you from having to “figure things out as you go”.

Number 3: Hiring an SEO Agency saves money

Apart from the additional overhead required to successfully manage SEO in-house, there are other financial benefits to hiring an SEO Agency. First, the research of new technologies and methodologies in SEO development are known by the SEO agency. Funds do not need to be allocated to SEO research which leaves those funds to be spent in other areas of the companies development. Secondly, SEO requires that a set of professional software tools be used in order to keep track of backlinks, broken links, keywords, analytics, etc.

Where you may be able to get a personal version of this software for free, it is usually illegal to use the personal software for a business. This means that if you need the software for your business, you will need to purchase the business software. This can quickly add up. However, if you hire a SEO Agency, they have already acquired the software and have a license to use the software for your company. Finally, by using a professional SEO Agency, you avoid losing money to online scams. As SEO is critical to your company’s success it is quite common to run into those which want your money and give nothing sustainable in return.

Should you hire an SEO Agency?

If you want to have your site optimized so that it ranks higher in the search engines, lower the productivity strains which result from trying to manage your SEO yourself, lower the financial obligations that come with research and SEO tools, then yes you need to hire an SEO Agency. Ensure that the agency which you hire has experience in SEO and that it is not just something that is done on the side. It is strongly recommended that you seek a company which is licensed for SEO content and marketing in order to get the best results. Stay away from non-verified freelancers or businesses that do not specialize in SEO.

We are here for you

Just Internet Solutions is dedicated to providing businesses with the best possible SEO integrations for their sites. Professional and with an award winning team, justinternetsolutions is sure to be able to help you with your SEO. Should you have any questions regarding your business’s current SEO (or lack of) please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss the benefits of hiring our SEO Agency as well as address any inquires you may have.