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SEO plays an important role in today’s marketing techniques, and Just Internet Solutions provides one of the best services that will drive your business forward. The best search engine optimisation techniques are adopted in-house and are used to drive more visitors to our clients websites.

SEO for Restaurant

In this modern era of search it is important that the focus is on your content, because that is the key to generating long tail keywords which will benefit your business greatly. The focus is now off individual keywords, a new way of searching has quickly approached us, and that is through mobile phone technology and speech recognition.

App development is also becoming quite a trend, such as there are many restaurant apps out there that will show local restaurants within an area. Many of these restaurant apps use local listings from Google MyBusiness. With more and more of these apps being developed, don’t you think it is important to get a good listing? Of course it is, and that is something which Just Internet Solutions can help you with. If it is something that interests you then contact us now.

Web Design for Restaurant

When you have a restaurant website designed by Just Internet Solutions you will be at ease knowing that it is being created by an award winning web design company. In fact, we have won national awards for both web design and SEO, so if you decide you want the complete package, then you are in the best hands. All websites that are created are fully responsive to mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This means that your website will shrink to fit the size of a browser, making your website easier to view. This will improve your conversion rates.

Link Building for Restaurant

Link building has always been an important part in any SEO campaign, and even today when many people are saying it is not as important, it still plays an important part. These days it is not as easy to build a solid link profile, but the knowledge of our award winning SEO team ensures that your link building campaign will be done 100% white hat. All link building is done in-house to ensure that it is performed correctly, so you are safe in the knowledge that your link building will not be outsourced to a foreign company. All link building techniques are taught in-house and we are constantly thinking outside of the box to bring you the best results. We always advise our clients not to participate in any link building activities without our input first.

PPC Management for Restaurant

We also offer PPC (Pay Per Click) services. PPC is a similar service to SEO, but you are bidding for keywords rather than trying to rank for them. It is a quicker way of getting results but is far more costly. We usually advise our clients that want PPC to take a split campaign of SEO and PPC, and we can switch on your PPC whilst we perform the SEO in the background. When your SEO starts to perform better then we will reduce your spend on PPC and add more time to your SEO. The key difference between SEO and PPC is that SEO is a long term investment into your website, whereas PPC is a short term one.

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