Responsive Websites

Why Responsive?

As more and more of us use our mobiles and tablets to source our information on the Internet these days, it has never been so important to ensure your website can be easily viewed and read on all types of devices no matter how big or small. It has been reported that in 2015 mobile usage will outweigh desktop usage.

A mobile friendly website is now considered a “must have” for any forward thinking company.

The Process

The process for creating a website that looks great on the smaller screen is relatively simple and cost effective and only needs to be done once. The planning and design of a mobile website is based purely on the customer experience whilst viewing your site. Features such as simple navigation, easy to read content, fast load speeds and touch dial functionality are all contributing factors to ensure people like your site and more importantly stay on the site long enough to want to make contact with you.

Our team will guide you on the best way forward for your operation whether it be to design a stand alone separate mobile site or make your existing site responsive and effective on all devices.

Don’t miss out

As a company we deal with hundreds of hotels and fully understand that the mobile market is absolutely huge at the moment for people booking accommodation. It is a fact that 65% of people viewing a hotel on a mobile are likely to make a booking immediately as opposed to only 35% viewing the same hotel on a desktop. If ever there were an investment worth making for a hotel, then a responsive website is an absolute must and will probably pay for itself within 2 or 3 bookings. To see some examples of a selection of our hotel clients that have fully embraced the mobile market place please click here.

Making your customers pinch and zoom their way around a desktop site on a mobile device is like hanging a “closed for business” sign on your door.

Did you know?


of mobile searches lead to an action within the hour.


of people will choose a different search result if the first is not mobile friendly.


62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales.


of users ages 18-29 use their smartphones for searches every day.

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