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What exactly is ‘Local SEO’?

There are many cases where a B2C company needs their clients to come to their premises, and with being a bricks and mortar type shop, you my only be looking to market your website locally. This is where a product by Google called Google My Business comes in handy.

Google My Business is designed to trigger when somebody types in a search query from a user within the area. These are usually showing near the top of the search results page, mixed into the normal results, but with you still being able to tell the difference between them. There are many different adverts that appear, so depending on the search term that was typed into Google depends on what type of local results stack appears. There are different numbers of stacks, such as 3, 5 or 7, depending on the amount of companies that are actually within your area all competing for local business. Sometimes Google My Business listings do not appear at all, but for most search queries they do.

How does it all work then?

The formula behind it is quite a clever one, but it can sound a little complicated, whereas in fact it is quite a simple yet effective one. Basically, just like Google personal search (which is cookie based and ‘remembers’ your history until you clear them from your computer), Google can recognise the area where the person is searching from, or the area they are close to. If they have a Google account, have logged in, and have proceeded to fill in their profile (name, address and postcode), then Google will use that information to determine the local area of that person who typed in the search query. Alternatively, if they are logged out then Google may use an IP address to determine the area of the person who made the search, but this method is not quite as accurate as a persons exact name and address in their Google account profile. Whichever way they do it, Google is usually quite accurate with their local results.

Alternatively, if a person is on holiday and they don’t want to see local results from home, they can log out and set their browser to another are by clicking on Search Tools > Enter Location > Clicking Set.

Can you manage my Google Business listing?

Yes, this is something that Just Internet Solutions can manage. Google My Business, or local SEO as it is more commonly known, works very similarly to normal SEO, but local SEO uses different techniques that effects rankings. Here at Just Internet Solutions we have practiced these techniques and developed a formula that helps us to rank our clients websites within their local area.

You can call 01942 498385 today for a chat about how we can help you in your local area by using our local SEO services.