Latest high street sales figures down on last year- Online trading up by 18% – Time to become an Etailer as well as a Retailer.

Moving with the times

If you look at the recent events on our high streets you will see that household names like Comet, JJB and more recently Jessops have all fallen foul of the online revolution. For years these companies amongst others have been ever present yet because of the way we now choose to shop in the convenience and warmth of our own living rooms and often saving money as well, they are no more.

The message here is crystal clear, if you have products that can be sold online there has never been a better or more important time to open an online shop.

With growing numbers of people in the UK purchasing their goods and services on the Internet, there has never been a better opportunity to sell online. We offer various eCommerce (online shop) solutions that can be tailored to suit your business. Our eCommerce solutions allow you to fully control and maintain your shop without possessing advanced computer skills or experience, meaning you can be managing your online shop whenever you need to without having to work around our office hours.

We will take you through the project step by step ensuring you are both completely satisfied and comfortable with the end result. After all an Online shop is like opening a new branch of your business and it’s important to know you will receive the right guidance and support when you need it. Once you’ve decided to take the plunge into trading online it is massively important that your customers can find their products easily but even more importantly can go through the buying process safely and securely without worry. We use various payment gateways for our e-commerce websites including PayPal and SagePay.

If you sell products that can be sold and packaged to customers from anywhere, now may be the time to give us a call and discuss the opportunities!

We have clients whose businesses have been transformed thanks to the presence of an online store and would be happy for you to talk to them before you make your decision.

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