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If you are a business owner, especially if you are a small business or a sole proprietary establishment, then you know that your business is greatly dependent upon your website. However, many businesses find that although visually pleasing and highly engaging for the users with dynamic UIs, that their sites fall immensely short of the targeted number of viewers, email subscribers, and ultimately clients. Why is this? Where there are a great deal of reason which can contribute to a lack of traffic to your site, the number one factor in low or diminishing visits is poorly done SEO, specifically in your content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Traditional marketing methods focus on selling a product to a consumer. Before the modern mobile age of technology, this was a good strategy. But with the advancements in technology, as well as the low attention span of most potential clients, these methodologies no longer work. You cannot simply have printed marketing material or web banners and hope to drive traffic.

Consider, if you go to a website and there are banners on the page, do you really pay attention to them? The odds are that you have developed the ability to tune this media out. You don’t even see them because you are too focused on the content. Again, when you watch a television show, do you watch the commercials or flip your television to another channel (or perhaps skip forward if you recorded the show)? More than likely you skip forward. What has happened to marketing?

Consumers realize the strategies of traditional marketing and therefore, they avoid traditional marketing when it is presented to them. If they are not specifically seeking to purchase a product or service, traditional marketing will not work. This is why content marketing was invented.

Content marketing is a covert type of marketing strategy which empowers your potential clients. You are not selling a product parse, but you are conveying information to the potential client. The information can be in the form of video or any other media, but the focus is to make the client engaged in your product or services without the average sales pitch. It is media which is presented to actively present relevant content to the potential client.

How content marketing works

At Just Internet Solutions we focus first on your content marketing before we address other issues with SEO. Your SEO content marketing can be in many forms. However, there are a few content marketing strategies that remain at the forefront of SEO content marketing. They are:

  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Guest comments and blog posts

There is a bit more to the marketing than this, but the point is that if presented with valuable content, a client is more likely to want to see the product being described, the services which your company can provide to help with the distributed content. For example: If I make a video about Dreamweaver and show how the Floating DIV cells are a bit glitch when it comes to establishing the z coordinate system. An novice in website building will not understand what is going on. However, if I title the piece “Why is my website content going all over the place?” and the expound upon a few different reasons which cause the problem, present my DIV Cell video, and summarize by stating that if they have any questions to contact the site, they are more apt to do so.

What SEO content marketing is NOT

SEO content marketing is not Social media marketing or targeted marketing. You are not trying to “sell” a product but rather to inform and engage a potential client. Studies have shown that client prefer to have a certain level of knowledge about a product or service AFTER they purchase the item. These goes against the funnel marketing standard, but consider how this affects your marketing and why content marketing is essential in today’s SEO development.

First, a product is purchased. A consumer then goes online to find other reviews about the product and more in-depth knowledge about the product or service. Should you have a superior product or service, than that person relates that through customer feedback, blog comments, social media reviews, and various other ways. If you provide content marketing, your client can gain the information from your site and will feel that you are more than just someone trying to get their money. When this happens your clients become advocates for your business, directing other potential clients back to your SEO content.

We are here to help with your SEO

SEO content is a complex and intricate part of any business. It needs to be done professionally and with tact. If you have any inquires as to how Just Internet Solutions can help with revamping your site with quality SEO content please contact us.