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If you are wondering why more and more businesses are making use of SEO services, this is because SEO is becoming increasingly important in attracting potential clients to your website. How does SEO work? When a word or phrase is typed into a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc), most people are drawn to websites which appear on the first page of the search engine results.

SEO for Carpet Fitters

So how can SEO boost your chances of getting onto one the first page? SEO works using keywords or phrases that are incorporated into your web content where the search engines will then determine whether or not your content is relevant to a typed in search query. Making use of our SEO services you can greatly increase the chances of your company website being seen and therefore increase the chances of sales and new client relationships.

Content planning is also effective in inviting prospective clients. It is defined as a means of providing potential buyers with information, rather than trying to pitch to them. Lead generation is also a good way to attract clients – it is a means of generating potential leads by using various methods. One way to generate leads is to make sure your call to action is prominent and attention grabbing, so more enquiries will be made.

Web Design for Carpet Fitters

SEO & Web Design are the two most important aspects of getting potential clients to take the time and look at your website. Once attention has been grabbed in the search engine, it means nothing if your website is not up to scratch. If your site looks out of date, is hard to navigate, and has too much going on, chances are potential clients will soon click back and navigate to one of your competitors instead. What you want in a website is an aesthetically pleasing custom design, informative yet not overcrowded with content and most of all, easy to navigate with great functionality. The kind of site that you’d like to bookmark and look at again. Because a lot of people use mobile phones to browse the internet, a mobile friendly, responsive website is a very good idea, and all of Just Internet Solutions website are fully mobile responsive.

Link Building for Carpet Fitters

Link building can do wonders for a websites page ranking as it uses different strategies that help to direct people to website without even using a search engine. Link building can be done using different mediums relating to your site that are not necessarily selling your product, but are discussing something that has to do with your site or service. We have expert link building teams that can strategically find out where your competitors are advertising, then we can outreach to the same places as well as others.

PPC Management for Carpet Fitters

PPC (Pay Per Click) works by means of advertising your site by paying a fee each time one of your ads is clicked. It is, in a nutshell, buying your site visitors rather than letting them come through naturally. PPC can be done on numerous platforms, the most popular being Google Adwords. There are other platforms where PPC can successfully lead potential clients to your page, including Facebook Advertising, Linkedin and Bing Adcenter. Just Internet Solutions offer a fully bespoke PPC management service.

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