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SEO Services for Accommodation

You may as well not have a website if you do not have the appropriate marketing team in place, and hiring an in-house team can become an expensive liability if they are not up to the job. With Just Internet Solutions it is different as you can outsource your SEO requirements to us whilst you go on about your everyday business. As an agency we base our company-client relationship on trust and will not tie you into a contract, which shows how confident we are to convince you that our service is the one for you. We deliver the results, which will keep you coming back for more.

What can get more trustworthy than sending qualified leads to your business? If this is what you are looking for in an online marketing agencies services, then ring Just Internet Solutions today on 01942 498385 to see what bespoke packages we can offer you.

Conversion Rate Optimisation for Accommodation

If your site is not converting visitors to leads then it lacks the proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to maximize your click to enquiry conversion rate. Your content could be setup to be targeting the lower converting keywords within your industry, lowering the conversion rate percentage of your website visitors. A lot of people, especially those new to Internet marketing, make the mistake in thinking that every click is going to convert to either a sale or enquiry. This is where Just Internet Solutions would introduce a steady content plan shaped around your business.

Web Design for Accommodation

Web design is not always about the way your website looks, but it is also about setting the website up so it converts better when a visitor lands on it. If a visitor lands on your accommodation website and finds it really hard to navigate, then you could be losing potential business. Your website could be slow, hard to navigate, and difficult to read, which can seriously effect the potential of your accommodation website should you decide that you want to explore online marketing techniques such as PPC or SEO.

The website needs to be setup with hidden code to allow it to be search engine friendly. These are called meta tags and are usually found within the header of the coding itself, hidden from the untrained eye. These tags play a small part of your SEO rankings, so without them you will be starting off on a bad foot.

Link Building for Accommodation

Link building is the process of placing a link to your website on other relevant sites, otherwise known as backlinks. There are a number of ways you can obtain backlinks, but the best way is the more natural way, to earn them. However, that is easier said than done, therefore some link building strategies need to be put into place and need to stay relevant towards the topic of your niche.

For instance, if you are selling shoes, then posting your website link on a website selling books will be of little use. Backlink building has become a steady art which requires several tools and a head full of knowledge to make a strategic decision whether or not it is worth placing a backlink on a specific website. Just Internet Solutions have a team of dedicated link builders who have been trained in-house using our very best and latest techniques.

PPC Management for Accommodation

PPC stands for Pay-per-click, which is a form of advertising with online PPC engines such as Linkedin, Bing Adcenter, Google Adwords, and Facebook. These PPC engines, and many more, sell advertising campaigns where your accommodation advertisement is displayed in their advertising sections. When somebody clicks on your advert to visit your site you are charged a certain sum of money for the click, hence you ‘Pay-Per-Click’. It is based on a keyword bidding system where certain accommodation keywords cost more than others, and the higher you bid, the higher you appear.

However, it takes a lot of management and tricks to keep your costs down, tricks which Just Internet Solutions have learned over the years and have kept in-house. If you would like to hire our PPC management services for your accommodation website then contact us today.

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