SEO is notorious for having companies which focus on selling a business a package deal. These packages often boast of being able to show a result of increasing the ratings by X amount in Z amount of days by including services A, B, and C. However, this strategy is not really the best option. When you buy a package deal then you are paying for the services for a fixed price which means that the company will typically not re-allocate anything on their package. You will get what you pay for.

Financial budgeting allows you to allocate to necessary SEO sectors

Budget oriented SEO is a far better option in that you are paying for the services you need. Of course, it is advisable that you have a professional SEO Consultant analyze your current site for the areas which are weakest so that you can determine the budget needed for your SEO and allocate the funds to areas as they are needed. For example: If the SEO Consultant states that you have very strong keywords but very poor organic content and no back linking, then obviously you would want to have your finances dedicated to building up the organic content and the back linking. The keywords are already strong and so there would be no need to focus you attentions there.

When you are able to direct your finances into the SEO, you become more conscientious of the process and what is involved in the SEO strategy. With a SEO package, you are buying a bundle and as long as the funds are there, then there is little concern as to what is actually being done so long as you see results.

SEO Sectors

SEO Packages generally focus on immediate results and not the long term

One of the key follies of the packed SEO is that you are paying for a temporary service in most cases. This means that the company which is selling you the package will use methods to boost your SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) quickly. Yet, Google and other search engines are not quick to make adjustments to the ratings of sites. The algorithms work in cycles sometimes taking weeks or months to show progress.

It can be concluded that SEO packages which boast of immediate results do so through methodologies which try to cheat the system. The most common is that backlinks are generated through a robot or software program and used for your site. Where this may get you 1000 links quickly, it does not get you organic content. The search engines may quickly put you at the front of the line, but once the next cycle occurs and the algorithm has not seen a consistent increase in your linking or that the existing linking came from one ip or geographic location, then your site will fall back down in the ratings and may even be penalized.

Budgeted SEO is more dedicated to the long term requirements of SEO. As you are dedicating a percentile of your income to ongoing and professional SEO services, you can be assured that the services are being conducted so that your page is in compliance with the algorithms as well as new developing SEO trends (such as the Mobile Friendly requirement by Google). Should you need to re-allocate your funding as your demands shift, this can easily be done as the services are based upon your needs and not upon a pre-calculated service and formula.

Long Term SEO Package

The only SEO packages which are worth getting are customizable based upon your budget

The only real way that you can control your SEO through a package offer is if the package is customizable based upon your budget and the SEO analysis. You will also need to question whether the package is a onetime fixed price “fix” or if the package is an ongoing maintenance of your SEO. As stated, your businesses SEO needs to be addressed constantly in order to implement the most recent strategies and methodologies.

SEO Budget

Does your business require SEO services?

If you are in need of SEO services then Just Internet Solutions would love to offer our professional services to you. We are a budget based SEO Consultant and Solutions company (though we do have bespoke packages available) which will work with you to identify the areas of your SEO which need to have the most attention and those which need to have the least attention. By being able to equip you with the information what you need, it is our hope that your SEO will lead to a more productive and profitable online presence.

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