When it comes to websites, we all have our own preconceptions about what is needed and what is not needed in order to drive traffic to the site and increase our SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Here is where the problem lies. Because companies are basing their results upon their personal interests and conceptions, many times the most effective strategies are overlooked. Where there are many reasons why you should hire a SEO consultant, here are 5 considerations every business should ponder.

Efficiency and Productivity

SEO is a time demanding process. This means that if your company does not have a specific department that allocates its time and finances into your SEO, then someone else within the company has to do so. This takes away from the job function for which the person was originally hired, adds man-hours which are not needed, and drives up your costs, especially if the person doing the SEO has to do so after hours or during overtime hours (which generally pays time and a half).

An SEO consultant specializes in SEO; this is all that they do. You are not hiring someone to take on another task that they are inapt to perform. Due to this fact, the efficiency of their work and the productivity of performing functional SEO strategies into your website are maximized.

A SEO Consultant will build an Organic base for your business

Any professional SEO Consultant will tell you that you MUST have organic content if you want to build your SERPs. Organic content builds your backlinks (or inbound links) but it does so in a methodology that does not go against the Google algorithms. Now, the organic content is usually founded in Facebook comments, product reviews, twitter posts, and other social media. However, organic content can be built within the webpage if done properly. An SEO consultant will not only evaluate your current backlinks and organic content, but put a strategy in place to further build such content for your site.

NOTE: You should not hire any company which states that they can add 1000 backlinks to your site in a week. Organic content takes a while to build up and Google and other search engines rate your organic content based upon the average content it sees. For example: if your site shows that you have 100 organic comments and then it goes to 2000 the next day, Google realizes that “Hey, something is not right here” and you can get penalized for it.

SEO Consultants will see where you are now and push your business forward

One of the first things that a SEO Consultant will do is that they will conduct a SEO analysis to determine where you are as a company. The analysis will determine the demographics as well as the geographic visitors to your site. Depending upon the cookies and the tracking capabilities of your site, you may be able to obtain more information. Once the information has been gathered, the SEO analysis will also compare the linking, keywords, your tags, and other crucial elements of your SEO and present you with the information as well as a strategy to move forward.

SEO is not just about building up your keywords and links. If you find an SEO consultant who only focuses on this area and nothing else then you have someone that really does not understand the complexities of SEO. Typically, in house operations will only focus on building up the keywords, tags, and building the ranking of the search engines. This is really not a benefit to your company. You need SEO content which maximizes not only your ranking but your businesses exposure and its perceived trustworthiness.

Is your Website User-Friendly, Mobile Friendly, and Error Free

Among the many things which you will find in an SEO consultant, one will be a simple analysis of how functional your website is for users as well as whether or not the site offers a mobile friendly version to adhere to Google’s “mobile friendly” requirements. If your site has errors, is not mobile friendly, or is not intuitive, then the SEO consultant may suggest that you have a professional web designer re-design your site to be more effective (this is usually an additional service not covered by the SEO consultant).

SEO consultants typically know more than we do

The main reason why you should hire a SEO Consultant is for the simple fact that they know more about SEO than we do. True, we can have a bit of understanding about how the process works, but they are the experts in their field. If you want to have the best results then it is paramount that you hire the best SEO consultants to do the job.

Do you need help with your SEO?

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