Having eaten our way through the ‘feastive’ season, boxed away the tinsel and laughed our way through a ‘few’ glasses of wine, it’s the first week of January and: we’re slumped.

It’s cold, it’s drizzly and the flooding over the past few weeks is one of the many reasons why Christmas 2015 has been one to remember.

As duties call, we can’t help but dream of tucking our turkey stuffed stomachs into our soft new lounge wear and reverting straight back to bed.

But, instead; the time has come for another day and indeed another year back in the office.

Together, with the following 4 top tips, we’re going to regain productivity now. Here’s how:


Rest is one of the most influential factors in regaining and improving productivity.

It might seem cliché but figures suggest rest is massively overlooked with approximately ‘six in ten of us not getting enough sleep’ according to an article on Mail Online.

During the first week back in work, treat yourself to a good dose of beauty sleep and take advantage of:

  • Improved Memory
  • Spurred creativity
  • Sharpened attention span
  • Decreased stress levels

After all, the first week back in work is always the hardest. Allow yourself plenty of rest and use this week to feel the benefits.

Set Goals

During the Christmas break, did you find yourself reflecting, thinking of ways you can better yourself?

We all do it; whether it’s dieting, exercising or seeing more of the people we love; we set personal goals and aim to make positive changes in ourselves. With the New Year, think and set yourself a challenge to improve the professional you.

Consider specific things you’d like to get out of the year in relation to your job or your business: it could be better marketing or reaching a higher tax bracket- whatever it is, use the New Year as your motivation to work towards these changes.


On our return to work, we never know where to start. We fire up our computer to see a flood of emails filter through our inbox: each new message as important as the last and, well, it’s stressful.

The key to maintaining personal morale is to tackle tasks one step at a time by working in line with your priorities. Take your time, read through each email, patiently, and collate a list in order of importance ticking off completed tasks one by one.

Completing work in bitesize chunks helps us maintain our attention span, while ensuring more undesirable tasks aren’t hanging over our heads for months which works in relentlessly spurring our productivity in the workplace.

Be aware of the Productivity Killers

In every workplace there’s at least one person who just isn’t cut out for the job (and if you don’t know who it is in your workplace then it’s probably you). With a lack of competence, these characters often bring an aura of negativity which can be heavily inflicted on the team.

Get the most out of your year by steering clear of motivation killers in a work sense and allow yourself to be the best you can be.

And if you’re the motivation killer? Use this year to find a job better suited to your skillset and thrive in confidence.

A New Start

Today marks not only a new beginning but a new you. Be the best you can be with motivation, productivity and perseverance.