Brand consistency is integral in today’s business landscape as the way our businesses are operating is changing.

Everything we do in terms of networking, marketing and selling is seeping further and further to the online realms which is why incorporating strong continuity between your online and offline brand is integral.

What is a Brand

This might sound ridiculous but many are genuinely confused when we mention the word brand.

A brand, (or your brand) is essentially the face of your company. It’s what makes you recognisable, it’s what makes you eye-catching; it’s what makes you unique. These are the three core reasons which justify why branding is becoming increasingly important: certainly where online sales and networking is concerned.

Your brand breaks down into the following sub-categories:

  • Marketing
  • Identity
  • Logo
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Colour
  • Values

Interlinking your key themes and attributes into these elements of your brand is what makes your company stick in the mind of your consumer. It makes you unique which subsequently equates to offering a competitive edge for your business.

Effectively conveying these attributes in all areas of your business is what makes one company stand out to another. They must be at the forefront of everything from your advertising to your face to face communication and beyond.

The Benefits of Branding

Good branding practice offers an array of benefits for businesses and organisations such as:

  • Competitive Edge

Branding is what sets you apart from a competitor and really works in embedding your company in the mind of your consumers.

  • Personality and Identity

Your brand is the face of your company. It’s the first thing a consumer see’s when approaching your company (no matter what angle they’re coming from) which is why it should be something your consumers can relate to. A brand should ooze personality and identity at a first glance in a way which communicates exactly what you do.

  • Drive Trust and Authority

If you want someone to buy from you, they ought to trust you. It makes sense. Ensuring your brand is well structured and well executed drives a large element of trust from consumers who start to hold your brand in high authority and esteem.

  • Ensures customer loyalty

We all know how growing your consumer base is far easier than engaging a new one. Ensuring your brand is consistent through every channel you work with evokes loyal customers to follow you on whichever platform they’re communicating with.

For example, if someone’s bought a dress from you instore, then sees an opportunity to like your Facebook page appear on their newsfeed, provided your customer service etiquette was good, they’re more likely to engage with you. Why? Because they feel like they know who you are and what you do: thanks to your brand.

  • Price Increase

So the more people who’re starting to get to know your brand and understand who you are and what you do: the more word of mouth will start to work in your favour (over a period of time).

What happens then, is your growing fan base will think of you first when shopping for an item in your niche, this means you’re in a position to build larger margins on certain products because your target market is continually circling through your store.

“I want to build a consistent brand”

This is something we hear a lot from new clients and the funny thing is: most of them have a brand in some kind of basic form. If you’d like to work on your branding and create a continuous consistency throughout every channel you engage with, here at Just Internet: we make this happen.

Anything from on page design to logo’s and marketing: we can help you.

Why not contact a member of our friendly team and develop innovative imagery for your business which will engage consumers, offer a competitive edge for your niche and define your business to the world.

Contact us today on 01942 498 385 for expert information, advice and guidance and remember: Good branding practice is what transforms any ordinary company into something special.