Struggling to understand why users are hitting the back button and crawling off your website in a matter of seconds?

Want to know if there’s anything you can do about it?

Well, there’s a number of reasons why users back up off a website and rectifying those issues could be the answer to all your cyber-prayers.

Getting the most from your website means you have to work with your consumers and give them what they want in order to gain their loyalty. Stay with us, as we reveal the top 5 Reasons Why Users are Backing Away From Your Website:

Slow Page Speeds

A pages speed refers to how long it takes to load a full website on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

It might not seem like a huge deal if your page speeds a little slow but in actual fact, this feature alone could be hampering your online presence dramatically.

Put yourself in your user’s shoes (the people accessing your website). Now, imagine you’ve typed your search in google…

Like everyone, you’re probably going to click the top search result on google where you’re taken to a page which just isn’t loading. What do you do?

  • Do you wait for the page to load?
  • Maybe you’ll click refresh?
  • Or do you go back and click another site?

What generally happens, and you may recall doing this yourself, is; when a user clicks on a webpage and it takes more than 7 seconds to load, they get impatient and click refresh.

When the refresh takes a while, they get frustrated, click back and choose another site from their search results. That’s that: another potential customer bites the dust.

Slow page speeds is a common issue with websites and is usually fairly simple to fix.

Do you know how quick your sites loading speeds are? Maybe your websites running a little slow?

Here at Just Internet we offer free page speed site analysis. If you’re in doubt, why not send us a quick message and find out once and for all what’s causing users to back up from your website?

Poor Web Design

As the web industry continues to expand, the look, feel and tone of your website is crucial for hooking in users.

If your website looks like it was made on Microsoft 95 then you need a new one. Design is a huge aspect of consumer buying trends and countless studies read how a consumer is more likely to buy something that looks a little different or a little more out there than usual.

If your website design looks dated, consider a redesign and reap the benefits.

Difficult Navigation

When we’re on a website, we want to find what we’re looking for in a maximum of 3 clicks: the less, the better. It’s just the way it is.

Nowadays, people don’t and simply won’t spend half an hour trolling around your website looking for a specific page. Unless it jumps out at them, they’ll click back.

Ensure your websites navigation runs smoothly and avoid losing out on potential custom: it’s a must.

Typo’s and Bad Structure

Webpages containing poor spelling and grammatical errors look shoddy and are demonstrative of a lack of attention to detail.

If you really believe in your brand, you’ll check for spelling and grammatical errors double, treble and even quadruple times to make sure everything’s correct.

Pay a close attention to detail and gain your consumers trust: it’s the only way you’ll ever achieve optimal conversion rates online.

Unresponsive to Mobiles and Tables

Websites unresponsive to mobiles or tablets are missing out on a number of web-based benefits. Since the Google “Mobilegeddon” update back in April 2015, it’s since become apparent how websites lacking mobile responsiveness effects your rankings, page usability and ultimately the amount of users your site has.

This is because users are constantly having to zoom in and out of areas and struggle to find what they’re looking for: another reason as to why people will just click back.

Here at Just Internet, we can rectify your website to ensure it complies with the Google mobile update and adheres to your consumer’s mobile needs. If your site requires a mobile update: contact us today for a cost effective, accurate mobile update on your website.

Getting the Most from your Website

Here at Just Internet we don’t just believe that we can improve your online presence: we prove it day in day out and that’s what makes us the best at what we do.

Invest in your future and take advantage of your online opportunity with Just Internet today. Contact us for no obligation information, advice and guidance today on 01942 498 385.